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AT&T WirelessAT&T is the largest cell phone company in the United States, and its operations cover all the needs of potential clients. Whether you are a businessperson looking to increase the level of communication within your company, or you are just an individual that needs to communicate with his friends and family, AT&T has a good offer for you.

More than 30 plans are available with this provider, but the plans can be customized, so they would suit your needs. The new clients benefit of some great offers, and of cheap phones, but this does not mean that the old ones are forgotten. If you want a new feature added to your plan, you just need to call the customer service. One of the biggest benefits of AT&T is the fact that unused minutes during a month would be reported to the next month, and you will have the possibility to talk free during the weekends and at night.

One of the disadvantages of AT&T is the fact that the charges for over-minutes are pretty high. For some plans, you will have to pay up to 0.45 $ per extra minute, but considering the number of minutes included in the plans, you will rarely have to pay those charges. Anyway, it is better to install a cost control program on your cell phone, so you would be spared of those unpleasant moments.

You can have up to 400 minutes included in the plan, but for some subscriptions, you can have 1400 minutes included in the package. For some expensive plans, you will be checked, as AT&T needs to find out if you are eligible, but usually, the plans are approved without analyze.

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