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SprintSprint is one of the oldest communication companies in the United States, being one of the most innovative companies on the market. It also has the largest wireless network, and for this reason, clients that need mobility and internet prefer it.

Sprint comes with a wide selection of cell phone plans, including free minutes, family plans and even direct connect features. The voice features come with unlimited minutes during the nights and in weekend, and the family cell phone plans can accommodate five lines. You must pay an activation fee for every Sprint plan, but this fee is paid only once, and considering the facilities you would get, it is worth to pay it.

You can benefit of 200 minutes in the network with the smallest Sprint plan, and you can get the night plan starting with 18.00 AM, 19.00 AM, or 21.00 PM, depending on the plan of your choice. If you have relatives in other cities, you can choose the plans that have national minutes included. Every plan can be upgraded with additional lines, but you will have to pay 9.99 $ for each extra line.

For business matters, Sprint has some special plans prepared. You can get 400 to 4000 minutes that can be used by any of your employees, but any extra line costs 25 $. Those business plans are great for national companies, as the minutes can be consumed on long distance calls.

Another advantage of Sprint is their Call Service support, as they can answer any of your questions instantly. You can customize your plan by talking with the CS officers, and you can also modify your subscription. Even their website is great, and by opening an account there, you can control the costs and the options you have, by adding or removing some of the options.

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