T-Mobile Cell Phones – Cell Phone Plans from T-Mobile

T-MobileT-Mobile has a network spread on the whole territory of the United States, with one of the best wireless coverage, but also with the best prices in the country, at least on some segments. The number of plans is huge, and as they are adapted for any kind of needs, you can surely find something for you.

T-Mobile comes with one of the most interesting feature, called myFavs, an option that allows you to talk unlimitedly with five persons anywhere in the United States. The majority of plans come with transparent costs, so you would know what you need to pay and when, at any given moment.

The weekend and nigh options are free with the majority of plans offered by T-Mobile, and there are no roaming or long distance extra fees. In other words, even if the plans for T-Mobile are limited, you won’t have any problems with huge bills and unpleasant surprises with the costs.

A small disadvantage would be that you would be charged pretty high (up to 40 cents per minute) for extra minutes. On the other hand, the T-Mobile cell phone plans are complete, therefore you would rarely have to use the over-minutes. T-Mobile is also considered the friendliest operator for Blackberry users.

The family cell phone plans are just like the individual plans, but they have some extra features included. You can benefit of 4000 to 3000 minutes, with some good prices also. The additional lines cost some extra money, but those prices are not as big as those of other operators.

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