Prepaid Cell Phone Plans – Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Why the prepaid cell phone plans are so popular today

The battle for new clients between major networks such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile has been intensified, and the tendency of the cell phone operators is to promote the prepaid cheap cell phone plans.

However, compared with the classical cell phone plans, the prepaid subscriptions have their advantages and disadvantages. The prepaid cell phone plans might benefit of smaller tariffs, more minutes, but they don’t benefit of a fidelity program. For this reason, the best cell phone plans are considered the ones with monthly subscription. This does not mean that you can’t find a good plan in a prepaid version.

The target of the companies offering cheap prepaid cell phone plans is the age segment 15-25, as those users usually have smartphones, and the prepaid plans come with internet traffic included. The disadvantage is that this traffic is limited, so the user might be interrupted in the middle of a conversation on Facebook just because the traffic was exhausted.

However, the cell phone plans come with cost control, so the user of the prepaid card can easily find out how much traffic is left, or how many minutes. The prepaid subscription offers a facile management of the budget, and an increased control over the monthly costs. The majority of prepaid plans can be customized, so the user is able to choose how many minutes are included, or how much internet traffic. With so many advantages, and considering that those are the cheapest cell phone plans, it is expected for the market of prepaid subscriptions to flourish.

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