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RingtonesWhy do you need ringtones for cell phone?
With the increased popularity of the smartphones, people are now looking for interesting ringtones. While in the past, people needed to pay for those tones, today, you can get them free from many sources. Of course, there are also the paid sites that offer ringtones, but you should start by browsing the free websites of this kind.

You will have to know how to use your phone at its maximum capacity. It is a pity to have a great cell phone and not to have great ringtones. There are numerous of them available, and with the new music and voice editors, you can create your own tones in a matter of minutes.

If you want your cell phone to ring differently, and to be interesting and unique, you can try the next methods:

– The iTunes and the programs available in Google Play for Android will give you access to a large number of ringtones. Some of them are free, but if you want an interesting tone, you will have to pay some money.
– Try the ring making programs that are available in App Store or in Google Play. Those programs would help you to create new tones, or to personalize the ones that you already have.
– Take them from your friends. If you like a ringtone from the phone of one of your friends, you can ask the respective person to send it to you. It is possible to do so by mail, on Bluetooth, or by direct transfer.

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