Unmask Blocked Calls – Unmask Private Calls

Unmask Blocked CallsHow to unmask blocked calls
While in the past, it was practically impossible to determine who have called you with a hidden ID, today, the modern technology have modern methods that are at your disposal to detect those prank callers. With the latest internet programs, you can easily detect the number and the ID of the dialer, and you can also block his or hers access. This way, you will never have to worry about trapcalls ever again.

Moreover, the respective program would also send a message announcing the trap caller that he has been blocked. The performing programs of this kind are able to record all your calls, and those calls can be put in an archive, so they would be available for later use.

It is possible to access this program from any device, and if you want, you can record the calls in an .mp3 format. The program is compatible with almost any device, but you will have to check the exceptions list

Whenever you receive a trapcall, all you need to do is to reject the respective call, and the ID of the caller would be revealed, if the program is active. Then, you can easily block the respective number, so you would never receive calls from the respective person. However, it is not possible to block the access of a number completely. The program would only send a warning to the caller, and the respective person would be discouraged to call you if he or she gets those repeated messages constantly.

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