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VoIP PhonesWhat are the VoIP service providers
VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol) is an alternative technology for traditional voice network. With this technology, the telephone connections are made with the help of the internet. Those calls are cheaper, more reliable, and faster, offering a huge competitive advantage over the classical communication methods.

The VoIP service providers allow you to make VoIP calls with a simple internet connection, to any telephone in the world. The voice signal is transformed into digital signal, and then it is transformed into IP packages. Transmitting the signal is made with the internet phone service, with the help of a device that transforms the signal into an analogical one, and then it is transformed back into the initial signal.

The VoIP Services are less expensive compared with the tariffs of traditional telephony, considering the destination of your calls. You can save up to 80%, and if you want to talk with your relatives and friends outside the country, than this is the recommended method for you.

This internet phone service requires minimum hardware, as a soundboard and a set of headphones with microphone is everything you need. Usually, the software is provided by the company that offers VoIP Services, so all you need to do is to find such a company and to see what offers they have for you.

The service is also available for dial-up internet connection, but the data packages might be delayed because of the weak internet connection. However, you must state this aspect to the VoIP provider, as a solution for you will be found.

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